50+ Telegram Channels/Groups/Bots & 8 Sites for Telegram Channels Search

50+ Telegram Channels/Groups/Bots & 8 Sites for Telegram Channels Search Tony Bennett
50+ Telegram Channels/Groups/Bots & 8 Sites for Telegram Channels Search 2022.11.09
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Telegram Channel, Group & Bot

Telegram is an encrypted messaging app that lets you chat online with nobody snooping on your conversations and calls. Even better, it’s more than just a chat tool.

In telegram groups, you can share interesting information with group members. Telegram channels are great spaces to broadcast public messages to your audiences. Telegram bots are useful helpers for managing TG groups and TG channels.

What is the most followed Telegram channel? What are the best Telegram group links? Where can you find a Telegram bot? The article below covers everything you want to know. Just keep reading.

Telegram Banned in Some Countries, How to Unblock Telegram Channels, Groups and Bots? 

Encrypted chatting software is a double-edged sword. Telegram has shady corners. For example, child abuse videos were found on Telegram in 2019 India. Now although Telegram is illegal in India, it is not completely blocked.

However, Telegram is permanently banned in Pakistan, China, Iran, and Bahrain. If you live in or travel to such a country, you’ll need a VPN for Telegram. Unblocking Telegram channels, groups and bots is easy with PandaVPN, a private, secure and fast VPN app that is headquartered in Seychelles.

PandaVPN offers 3000+ servers located in 170+ locations in 80 countries. Connecting to a VPN server can change your IP address. That means you will have thousands of options to replace your IP address. Follow the steps below to unblock Telegram channels, groups, or bots.

Step 1: Download and install PandaVPN.
New users who download PandaVPN for Android for the first time will get a free trial for 3 days, while iOS new users can get a 7-day free trial. Note that iOS users need to subscribe to PandaVPN and complete the payment. You can apply for a refund to cancel the subscription at any time within the 7 days and the trial continues.

Try PandaVPN for Android
Try PandaVPN for iOS

Step 2: Connect to any server location that doesn’t block Telegram.
Enter the server list and choose a server (in the USA for example) to connect to. PandaVPN provides 20+ US servers, which is a good choice for streaming American Netflix.

Select US Server

Step 3: Get Telegram and pick your favorite channels, groups, or bots.
Go to its official website to download Telegram for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux and use Telegram without restrictions.

Unblock Telegram with PandaVPN

Best Telegram Channels in 2022 

Telegram channels are a tool for broadcasting your public messages to your subscribers. There is no cap on the number of subscribers and only admins have the right to post. Telegram has public and private channels available. The table below lists some public TG channels (including the Telegram channel link) that everyone can subscribe to.

Telegram Channel List Description Subscribers
8 Great Movies A Telegram movie channel covers the most Netflix fans 423,216
Netflix Movies India An India Bollywood movie channel for Hindi movies 68,865
Anime Movies HD anime movies in dual audio (English & Japanese) 162,806
Horror Movie Zone A collection of HD (banned) movies 67,764
Hollywood Movies Hollywood movies and English Netflix films 46,383
Memes Funny Memes 114,798
Private Art Stunning artworks from around the globe 52,221
Science Science news channel that shares videos and articles 139,817
Engineering A community for engineering, technology and science 69,020
Love of Food Culinary creations for pleasure or cooking inspiration 12,669
Global Geographic Share the most beautiful places in the world 28,297
Wildlife Explore the wilderness and beautiful scenery of nature 13,545
Wallpapers Central Best wallpaper resource on the web, iOS and Android 57,402
Quote Quotes from famous authors, movies and people. 94,734
New York Times The latest news, photos and videos in the world 88,797
Ask Me Get daily general knowledge questions and answers 90,808
Bitcoin.com News News about the crypto industry 33,734
Hindi Jokes Indian 18+ Find Indian memes, Hindi jokes, and Desi Bakchodi 52,994
Hindi Shayari All types of WhatsApp Status available here 17,684
Hindi Funny Memes Hindi jokes, funny memes, and Desi Comedy 128,436
Indian Girls Porn Telegram adult channel 41,001
Naughty America Telegram porn channel 607,203
Hentai World Post daily videos and images on Hentai porn group 9,863
Daily Channels Introduce the best telegram channels daily 27,633

How to create a Telegram channel?

On iPhone:
1) Open Telegram, click the message icon on the top right corner in Chats and select “New Channel”.
2) Click “Create Channel” on the channel introduction page, name your channel, add a description, and hit “Next”.
3) Select the Channel Type between Public and Private. In the case of a public Telegram channel, add a permanent channel link for your channel and click “Next”.

On Android:
1) Open Telegram, click the pencil icon at the bottom right corner and select “New Channel”.
2) Name your channel, add a description, and tap the tick button on the top right corner.
3) Select the Channel type as Public or Private, set a permanent link for your channel, and hit the tick button to confirm.

Create Telegram Channel

On Desktop:
1) Click the menu button in the top left corner and then select “New Channel” from the menu.
2) Give a name to your Telegram channel, add a description, and hit “Next”.
3) Set the channel type as Public or Private, create a permanent link for your channel, and click “Done”.

How to join a channel on Telegram?

To join a public Telegram channel, enter the channel name or paste the channel link into the search box, select the right result, and then click “Join” to join the Telegram channel. As for the private channel, you can join it unless you have an invite link from the group admin.

How to invite someone to a private TG channel?

Open a channel and click the channel’s name on the chat header to enter its information page. Under the Members section, and click “Subscribes”. Choose “Add Subscribers” and hit “Invite via Link”.

Best Telegram Groups in 2022 

Telegram groups are a powerful tool for building online communities where you can pull in up to 200,000 members each. Group members can chat, share photos and files, discuss work details, and more. TG offers private Telegram groups and public ones.

Private TG groups require an invitation link to join. So, the ones we list below are mostly public Telegram groups (Telegram group link included) and a few private chatting groups with Telegram group invite links.

Telegram Group List Description Members
No Big Deals Online offers, coupons, cashback, app earning, etc. 60,318
Hindi Movies Download Hindi movies web series download 1,445
Books PDF Free Free PDF for novels, books, and comics 86,717
UPSC Books English UPSC, IAS, IPS, Defence, Police RBI, etc. 10,027
Books Mania For book lovers 89,248
English Chatting English chatroom, no porn and no spam 10,394
International Friends Welcome to International Friendship Group 33,741
Flash Groups Instagram Engagement Group to get IG likes and followers 17,524
Entrepreneurship Start-Up ideas, Crypto Projects, Giveaways&AMA Sessions 24,991
Custom & Msia Road Msia road conditions, fuel checks, police bikes, currency 66,799
SG Road Chat Chatroom for informers 14,267
Movies Thought Best thoughts and lines from all popular movies and Series 8,296
Daughters of Lilith Lesbian Telegram Group 10 411
GAY CHANNEL LIST A group for sharing links to other groups for people to join 12,760
LGBT Chat Gay Telegram Group 8,362
Top Site Adult Telegram porn group to discover new porn sites 34,623
Opensource University Promote free software to the general public 1,230
Entertainment Good taste in movies and the best official trailers 13,965
Fortnite Fortnite gaming chat on Telegram 12,826
iNetwork Games Android, Computer, Xbox & Play Station Games 37,534
Only Nudes Telegram porn group that publishes nudes from OnlyFans 19,863
Your Baby Girl Telegram porn group to download free porn videos & GIFs 200,000

How to create a Telegram group?

On iOS: Tap the icon in the top right corner in Chats and click “New Group”.
On Android: Tap the pencil icon in the chat list and click “New Group”.
On Telegram Desktop: Click the menu button in the top left corner and hit “New Group”.

How to join a group on Telegram?

To join a public group, enter the group name or paste the group link into the search box, select the right result, and then click “Join” to join the Telegram group. To join a private group, you need an invite link from the group admin.

How to invite friends to a private TG group?

To invite friends to a private Telegram group, you can create an invite link. Simply go to Group Info > Add Member > Invite to Group via Link.

Telegram Group Invite Link

Best Telegram Bots in 2022 

Telegram bots work as small programs that run inside the app. They are made by third-party developers using Telegram Bot API. You can add bots to your Telegram channels and groups.

Telegram Bot List Description
@SkeddyBot A reminder bot that helps you create and manage your reminders
@IFTTT Link your Telegram groups or channels to other services
@SaveMediaBot Download music, YouTube/FB/Twitter videos, IG stories, etc.
@DrWebBot Check the safety of files and links transferred via Telegram
@NewFileConverterBot Convert images/audio/video files from one format to another
@JayBeeSpotifyBot A Spotify Downloader Bot made using Python
@Any_Animebot Search for anime and give you download links
@QRcodegen_bot QR-code generator and decoder.
@IMDb Type @imdb in any chat to know movie cast, plot, reviews, etc.
@UrlShortnerBot Generate a short link using services like Bitly or TinyURL

Where Can I Find Telegram Channels, Groups, or Bots? 

If you have this question – where can I find Telegram channels, groups, or bots in the head, check the following websites for Telegram channels search, Telegram group search, and Telegram bot search. Through the following sites, you can freely find any Telegram channel, group, and bot that interests you, for example, a Telegram porn group or a Telegram porn channel.

Telegram Channels Search https://tlgrm.eu/channels
Telegram Group Search https://telegramguide.com/telegram-group-link/
Telegram Bot Search https://botostore.com/c/searcheebot/

FAQs about TG Channels, Groups, and Bots 

Q: What are Telegram Secret Chats?
Based on end-to-end encryption, Telegram Secret Chats is meant for people who want more security. Only you and the recipient can read your conversations. Nobody else including Telegram staff can read them.

Available on mobile, Secret Chats is only available for one-to-one conversations. Message forwarding is not allowed. Telegram will notify when either of you and the recipient screenshot the message record. When either you or the recipient deletes a message, the message disappears on both sides.

If you want more privacy, use a VPN like PandaVPN to always hide your IP address and surf the internet anonymously. If you are on a budget, consider a free VPN plan, which is usually a strategy for paid VPNs to attract new users.

Get PandaVPN for Extra Privacy

Q: Is Telegram really private?
Telegram supports two layers of encryption and the encryption is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. Server-client encryption is used in Cloud Chats, including normal private and group chats. Secret Chats uses an extra layer of client-client encryption.

Simply put, all Telegram messages are always encrypted, but messages in Secret Chats are protected by additional end-to-end encryption. No one including Telegram itself can decipher. Normal chats are stored on Telegram Cloud and Telegram can access them.

Q: How to delete your Telegram account permanently?
Once a Telegram account is deleted, all messages and contacts will disappear and cannot be recovered. Also, the Telegram groups and channels you created will lose their creators. So, please think twice before you completely delete your Telegram account. Do the following steps:

1) Open a browser and go to the Telegram Deactivation Page.
2) Enter the phone number when you signed up for Telegram and click Next. Make sure you enter your phone number in international format: + country code & your number.
3) Fill in the “Confirmation Code” field with the verification code received in your Telegram app (not SMS), and then click “Sign In”.
4) Fill in the “Why are you leaving” field as you like, then click “Done” and your account will be permanently deleted.

Delete Telegram Account

Q: Do people on Telegram see your phone number?
If you sync your phone contacts with Telegram, your contacts will be able to see your phone number.

Q: Can we chat on Telegram without a phone number?
When signing up for a Telegram account for the first time, your country and phone number are required. So, there is no option to create an account without a phone number. This requirement applies to both mobile and desktop apps.

But you can send messages in private chats and groups without making your phone number visible. Modify this in Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number.

Q: Can police track Telegram?
There is no report showing that US law enforcement has access to the content of secure messaging services like Telegram, as well as Signal, Threema, Viber, and Wickr.

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